Download Mozilla Firefox 2016 Offline Installer

By | February 11, 2016

Mozilla Firefox 2016 Latest Version is released for free download and available as offline installer on FileHippo. Firefox 2016 brings a little bit of improvements and enhancements in its graphical user interface along with some new gusty features. Mozilla Firefox is compatible with all version of Microsoft windows including the latest released Windows 10. You can also download Mozilla Firefox 2016 latest version for MAC, Linux, Android.

Mozilla Firefox 2016 is without a doubt one of the best internet browser which enables you to browse safe, efficient and fast. Firefox Offline Installer comes with a very simple user interface having two text-boxes one for direct access of websites using URLs of sites. And the other box is for searching through popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc. You can just type in keywords their and it will give you suggestions as well. By default the homepage of Firefox is set to have a nice Google search bar for quick searching of keywords. Moreover, the main area of Firefox shows the most recent sites visited as well.


Mozilla Firefox 2016 supports full customization of user interface according to your needs along with some very cool features. The Private Window is a nice feature which opens new private window and sites visited through this windows is not traced by history. This is a very handy feature if you want to visit some sites and want the browser to not trace your browsing. Start a conversation is a new feature which is basically a chat starter. Moreover, you can enhance the functionalities of Firefox with tons of free and premium extensions or add-ons.

Mozilla Firefox have some awesome tools for web developers that makes development and bugs fixing a lot easy. Personally I used the web developer tools of Firefox for my sites. You can explore the splendid developer tools of Firefox by clicking on the Menu tab on the right side. And then navigate to Developer click on it will open up a new Menu with the list of development tools available Inspector, Web Console, Debugger, style editor and more. All these tools have their own use and can be enabled to work on using their shortcut keys. For example accessing the website source code is very simple just by typing CTR+U it will open the page source in a new tab. Firefox enables you to customize your browser exactly the way you needs it just by single drag and drop. Moreover, Mozilla Firefox 2016 free download is fully flexible and efficient web browser that is the need of every individual.

Mozilla Firefox 2016 Offline Installer Latest version